kimikeiki's commissions.

Hello, I'm Kimi! I offer commissions for 3D models and character designs!
Please contact me through Google Forms to place your order! ✨

commission information.

★ Commission Status ★
Models: Waitlist
Designs: Open

✔️ Will Do ✔️
› OCs, Furry/Antro, Gore, NSFW

❌ Won't Do ❌
› Heavy Armor, Mecha, Stolen Designs

Note: Prices may increase depending on complexity of design.
A $15 Discount is applied for NSFW models!
For more examples, please view my Portfolio!

Base Price: $600
› Includes the genderless base, hair, and nekomimi. VRM model only.
The following are added onto the base price:Full Outfit: $150
› Top, bottom, & shoes included.
Props: $25
› Includes bags & backpacks. May increase depending on difficulty.
MMD Conversion: $30A 5% fee is added onto the price if your model is being used for commercial work, such as streaming.

A 5% Discount is applied to your order for a model & design package!

Base Price: $75
› Includes standard front view of design only.
The following are added onto the base price:Back View: $102D REF SHEET: $50
› Includes any alterations to design.
Full Ref Sheet (3D ONLY): $25
› Includes front, back & side view, expressions preview, and detail shots of design.


3D Models


terms of service

By commisioning me, you agree to the following.

As the Artist, I...
› Have the right to use your commissioned piece on my portfolio, as well as post it in any form as a form of advertising my work.
› Have the right to turn down any commission I do not feel comfortable / confident in creating.
› Have the right to actively post progress shots on my Twitter page.
As the Client, you...
› May NOT resell your commissioned work for more than what you paid. If you wish to sell your model, additional terms can be discussed.
› May NOT claim your commissioned work as work of your own.
› MUST credit me for my work. This includes reposting your piece on your own social media platforms, or using as icons/banners/in videos.
› May use your commissioned piece for commercial use ONLY after paying the extra percentage fee.
› I will provide active progress reports for confirmation throughout the creation process to make sure everything is exactly as desired. Minor changes can be requested, but any full on changes while a substantial amount of progress in a model has been made will result in a slight fee for my time.After 2 substantial changes have been made, I will not accept any more changes. If you are commissioning a custom design and a model and do not like how something is translating to 3D, further substantial changes can be discussed.› Full refunds are ONLY available if I have not made any progress / showed you any progress. If you would like a refund or cancelation, the amount you will be refunded will be dependent on the amount of work I have already put into the model.Payment Plans with a minimum of $50 per payment are available for models upon request, however you will need to have paid in full before receiving any and all files for your commission.There is an additional fee for rushed work. This is work you need finished by a certain date. This is placed because my work can take a while to complete due to my mental and physical health.

order form.

Please fill this form out and send it to me through Twitter DMs. If ordering more than one thing, please be sure to list them all under 'commission type.'

Commission Type: (I.E: VRoid Model + Full Ref Sheet)
(Note: Please provide a full body reference if you are not ordering a design from me as well.)_
Is there a rushed date?: Y / N
Further details for your commission will be discussed upon being accepted.